Content Restoration After a Fire

Content Restoration After a Fire


The Process of Contents Restoration After a Fire

As soon as possible after a fire in your home or business, a cleaning professional should be called. The initial inspection should be done quickly to determine what is and is not salvageable.  Heat and water can destroy finishes of furniture and structure items and continue to do so if the contents are not remediated and then restored properly and in a timely manner.  

Most insurance adjusters look to the cleaning professionals to determine what is salvageable and non-salvageable; however, since the owner of the home or business is the only one to know the prior condition of the contents, the owner should be involved in this process as well. 

Soot is acidic and will begin eating away at finishes of furniture and structure items; therefore, the initial inspection should include an immediate wipe down of all affected items with proper cleaning solutions.  Once the initial wipe down is complete, all items should be photographed, inventoried, packed and moved to a cleaning facility.  Once contents have arrived at the cleaning facility, all items should be unboxed, cleaned using the proper procedures/techniques for each particular item, then re-packed and moved to a deodorization chamber while the box remains unsealed.  After contents have been deodorized, the boxes should be sealed and moved to a storage facility.  The contents should remain in storage until the permanent repairs have been completed to the home or business.  Once repairs are complete, all contents are moved back to the home or business and set into place.

It is important to note that sometimes the process of extinguishing the fire can cause damage that is not necessarily caused by the heat or water itself.

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We hope you will never have a need; however, if you do, please rely on a company that is a professional in this field.  Orange County Construction 911 is the leader of the contents cleaning industry in the Central Florida area.  Call us to handle your needs or with any questions that you may have.  407-855-0404

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