1-800-BoardUp / Orange County Construction 911 Gives Back

1-800-BoardUp / Orange County Construction 911 Gives Back

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Pictured above:  Candace Marshall (Left) / Tim Hoyt (Center) 1-800-BoardUp Director  / Shana Hogan (Right)

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On Saturday June 11th hundreds of statewide fire fighters and first responders converged at the Barn night club in Sanford to help one of their own. Over 20 teams competing in a fire truck pumper pull made up of fire fighters, and other rescue workers came together to help raise money for Orange City Fire fighter/paramedic Caroline Dorton.

Caroline Dorton was off-duty and eating at a Chili’s with her fiancé on April 17, when she witnessed a man stabbed his estranged wife in the parking lot. Dorton responding to her instincts immediately ran out to help the woman, and was run over by the perpetrator as he returned to the scene.

Many first responders, businesses and the community stepped up by donating prizes and money to help this mother of three recovery efforts.  One of the local business that helped this fire fighter’s cause was 1-800-BoardUp. They generously donated $700 dollars to help Fire Fighter Dorton get back to her normal life. Caroline Dorton 1-800-BoardUp appreciates your selfless dedication and wishes you a speedy recovery.


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