Timely Water Damage Restoration – Yes It Matters

Timely Water Damage Restoration – Yes It Matters

The risk of serious health consequences can be greatly reduced or eliminated with appropriate and timely water damage restoration. While water is essential for life, it is also the single leading carrier of pathogens in the environment today.  

Standing water will often have a high level of dirt and contaminants and allows for constant humidity.  Chemical pollutants can be dangerous to the health of humans and pets through direct contact or through poor air quality.  Water that is left standing can also attract bugs, causing infestations that may carry numerous different diseases.

Sewage consists of toxic waste that is known to carry infectious bacteria (i.e. salmonella or diarrhea), viruses (i.e. gastroenteritis or hepatitis A) and/or parasites (i.e. giardiasis or dwarf tapeworm infection).

Mold growth can begin within the first 48 hours of water entering a building.  Toxic mold growth can trigger allergies, respiratory problems and in rare cases, even death. A couple of the most likely symptoms to watch for are migraines, fatigue and flu-like symptoms.

It is very important for the health and safety of anyone working with sewage, toxic waste or mold, to use the proper equipment and most importantly, to wear personal protective equipment (PPE).


In addition to the extensive structure damage that may occur, there are many health dangers that can be caused by water within a dwelling from skin rashes to stomach bugs and diseases to death. Most of these diseases and parasites are invisible making them even more dangerous to those that come in contact with them.  It is imperative for your health and well-being that you call a professional and licensed water damage restoration company to extract any water in a proper and timely manner. Orange County Construction 911 has a team of specialists trained to handle whatever your emergency and no job is too small. Home, business, industrial … we have the solution. Call us today at: 407-855-0404

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